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The Hexfire Approach

The Hexfire Approach

Our goal for every wedding is very simple: we want you to love your photos.  After the confetti has fallen and the lights have come up, we want the memories of your day to be sharp and nostalgic.  We love...

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Don't just take our word for it, take a look at what our clients have to say.

“You both are SO easy & Fun to work with.”

“Without a doubt, I would choose Hexfire again to photograph any event, large or small. They went above and beyond to capture the sights and emotions of our wedding day.”

“Working with Hexfire was an incredible experience. Kristin and Scott thoughtfully captured the essence of our wedding day and we feel lucky to have been in such dedicated, professional hands.”

“Scott and Kristin made our wedding day not only special by taking the most beautiful photographs I have ever seen before, but by making our day smoother, less stressful, and filled with laughter and easiness. They made sure everything was perfect for us.”

“I can’t say enough positive things about the amazing photos that Hexfire Photography took at our wedding last summer on the beach!”

  • Kate C. & Ronnie P.
  • Eric & Amanda T.
  • Kate & Chris G.
  • Maya D.
  • Diane M.
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The Hexfire Photography Team

Our photos are built with the hard work of our amazing team.

Scott Libby

Scott Libby


  • Off Camera Flash Composer 75%
  • Tech Manual Reader 5%
  • Chocolate Connoisseur 100%
  • Hockey Aficionado 65%
Kristin Koslowski

Kristin Koslowski


  • Wedding Coordinator 50%
  • Hopeless Romantic 100%
  • Custom Print Designer 60%
  • Coffee Enthusiast 90%


Office Manager

  • Fetching Tennis Balls 30%
  • Napping 80%
  • Snacking 50%
  • Greeting Hexfire Clients with Kisses 100%

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