The Nikon D90 Is Fantastic


I love Christmas, and I especially love want Santa decided to drop under my tree this year, a shiny new Nikon D90. Apparently Santa was rich and decided that I needed a nice upgrade to the incredibly fast and responsive D90.

While I have yet to really get out and seriously test the D90’s capabilities, I am already in love with its ability to shoot at night with low noise results. The first shot I took with it was outside at night in sub zero weather (have to love the northeast). This normally would produce some serious amount of noise in the darker regions of the image, which would then have to be post processed with a third party program.

To my great surprise, the D90 ate up the night time scene with very little noise. The next test will be something in the day light with bright sun and harsh lighting to really get the full spectrum of what this camera can do.

I have yet to try out the video capabilities of the D90 either, although I’m sure they are up to par based on what I’ve seen so far. There is not enough time in the day to get to everything that I want to be shooting right now. Suffice it to say that there will be a lot more activity here with image posting and articles on the D90. Stay tuned.


  1. Did you use a tripod?
    Are you using the kit lens?
    what were the setting you used for the picture?


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  2. For the night shot I used both hand held and tri pod situations. Both were surprisingly good, obviously the tripod results were better on the noise, but the hand held shots certainly were not terrible.

    I was using the 50mm lens for that particular night, I wanted to fully explore exposure settings with one lens before jumping into some of the other ones.

    I ended up shooting around 1/50th of a second, at an iso of 1600 – which on my older cameras would have rendered so much noise to be useless photographs.

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  3. I’ve been having such D90 envy. I think it’s time to start saving my pennies…

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  4. Its worth every single penny! The video capability alone is a huge added bonus.

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