Sexy High Heels Make A Photograph


The studio has been doing a lot more fashion, and glamor shoots recently and we’ve found ourselves consistently lacking one thing to make or break a photograph or entire shoot we are working on – sexy high heels. Some days we can work around it, but other days we get completely stuck by the lack of a good sexy shoe for our models.

Sexy High Heels can make or break a photo!

Normally this isn’t an epic fail type of issue, but when you start shooting glamor and high fashion photographs you need to be keenly aware of all the small details – and heels are not a small detail in the fashion world! As a small studio we cannot afford to have huge wardrobes stored around for our beck and call. We usually point our customers in a few specific directions when it comes to apparel.

Heels are very specific to the shot and location we are looking to capture on film. They can and will make a model look completely out of sorts if they do not fit, or are too over the top for that model to wear with a sense of sexiness. In the end the model needs to ooze confidence and that literally starts from the ground up. Get a good heel, and you’ll get good results from your subjects.

Here are a few of our favorite places to shop for out of the ordinary heels that are sexy and make great photos:

High Quality Low Cost Heels from Ebay general search. This is a great spot to find heels are discount prices that you won’t find at your local main street store. Do a few searches and you’ll be finding specific heels to your every whim!

E-Shoe-Warehouse For your more normal yet simply elegant and sexy heels.

Sexy High Heels

Sexy High Heels

For the more sexy and fetish oriented models out there this is the shop for you!


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