Alyssa & Chris – Engagement Photos


This engagement photo session was a lot of fun from beginning to end. We have all seen the commercials and you can even sing along to the song (…. this will be….. and everlasting love….dooo do do…).  With the popularity of online dating growing, it is hard to ignore the success rate of  Christopher and Alyssa are no exception and really should consider creating their own commercial!

Engagement photos in Portsmouth are always a fun!

Chris and Alyssa contacted Hexfire Photography to shoot their engagement photos in Portsmouth NH; a picturesque and eclectic city on the water.  Their warm and fun loving personalities quickly became evident through the lens of a camera. It’s always a pleasure when couples do not take themselves too seriously and can have a good time.  Laughter and smiles were prominent all day, even from their puppy Tyke, who joined in for a few photos. Portsmouth is a great vibrant city that we are always willing to shoot in – even in the winter time! Alyssa and Chris frequent the city often and it provided a great spot to shoot their engagement photos.

The couple was married in San Fransisco, CA and returned to Maine to have a celebration with family and friends. Maybe Dr. Neil Clark Warren, founder of eharmony, should have been invited to the party. The after wedding trip party was also a lot of fun.

Engagement Photos at Portland Ocean Gateway

The party was held at the Portland Ocean Gateway function room which overlooks the harbor and is an exceptionally beautiful spot to have a party. The huge floor to ceiling windows and walkways on the outside allow for guests to soak in the harbor feel, and have a great party. The couple had an exceptionally great local band called The Time Pilots rock the evening, and everyone was up and moving all night.

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