Ian & Maya – Engagement Photos


After sliding a beautiful ring on her finger, Ian & Maya contacted Hexfire Photography to shoot their engagement photos.  Before the shoot, we sat down with this couple to pick their brains on style, photographic likes and dislikes and what the future holds for them.  A few short weeks later we found ourselves in the ocean side alleys of Portland’s Old Port photographing with them. And what a fun day it was!

Engagement photo session in the Old Port!

On a crisp and bright day, we met up with the couple as well as their handsome dog Miles.  Excited to start, Maya explained that both Ian and Miles may be a little camera shy at first.  This couldn’t be any farther from the truth!  Ian was extremely laid back and ready for anything we could throw at him.  Miles was very intrigued with the camera lens, and every chance he got seemed to saunter over and ask – “Hey guys, whatcha doin’? Take my picture, not my Mom and Dad’s!”.

With each passing photo, both Maya and Ian warmed up and created a series of photos to exhibit a love for each other and for Miles. They are not a couple who are overly excited with public displays of affection, but none was needed.  The love shown in their eyes, laughter that comes from inside jokes, and subtle hugs and hand grazes can illustrate to anyone that meets this couple, that they are truly meant to be.

We are looking forward to shooting the wedding photos of Maya & Ian in July, at Bowdoin College this spring.

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