A Peek Into the First-Look


A Peek Into the First-Look

The most anticipated and emotional moment of your wedding day is that single instant where you lock eyes with the love of your life. Dressed to impress, the world seems to stop, stresses forgotten, and memories of your whole relationship come rushing forward. Your future starts now.

As a bride or groom to be, how do you envision that moment? Two styles of reveal are prevalent in the modern wedding day: traditional and first-look. While there are pros and cons to both methods, choosing the right one can help create an itinerary that works well for you; both emotionally and from a time management stand-point.


As its name suggests, the traditional reveal is one that our parents and grandparents have all celebrated. A long aisle, a slow walk balanced with a perfect soundtrack, and a loved one at the end of it. It is a special moment shared by not only the couple to be married, but all loved ones invited.




A newer trend is the first-look; a set-aside, private moment, planned by your photographer before the ceremony, which includes only the couple. This no-expectation reveal is intimate, quiet, and includes pure excitement.




So why break away from tradition and embark on a first look? This method is one that essentially builds in emotion AND time into the wedding day. Having a private moment can alleviate nerves, tension and expectation from relatives. It creates an environment unique to the couple where they can freely laugh, cry, hug, high five, and simple bask in the event that they are choosing to partake in TOGETHER. After their initial reveal to each other, we take the time to create imaginative and artistic portraits while also inviting the bridal party and family members to join in for their close-ups. This inherently translates to having MORE time together as a couple before the ceremony even starts.

What’s Best?
  • While we would never impose our own will on our clients, when asked, we do suggest a first-look and here’s why:
  • Doing so builds flexibility into a tightly scheduled itinerary that still allows the couple to enjoy the tiny details they planned into their day.
  • Hair and makeup will always look best earlier in the day.
  • With the majority of portraits being done earlier in the day, the couple is offered the opportunity to mingle with guests at cocktail hour, when portraits are traditionally done.
  • More time is allotted for us, your photographers, to do what we do best; create a portrait that you will be proud to display in your home.


There is no right or wrong choice when it comes to your grand reveal at your wedding, and it is a highly personal one. Whether it be as you walk down the aisle for the first time, or quietly with your partner, it is a moment that will never be forgotten.

Happy Wedding Planning!

Kristin & Scott

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