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Every so often I find myself needing to update and manage the studio’s growing photo backdrops collection. I find the first of the year is a great time for a photo studio to take a good introspective look at the items that need updating. Photo backdrops for photo studios fade, get worn, rip, and just plain get outdated. If you’re still shooting on a tie died backdrop from the 1970’s its time you upgrade to a new set and move yourself into the new style trends.

Some of the newer trends tend to be leaning more towards the urban or industrial looks. I personally love these looks and try to get at least one or two new backdrops for the studio each year, while removing one or two of the oldest. This keeps the studio’s options fresh and changing and you force yourself to not shoot the same backdrop all the time. As a studio you want to provide a wide variety of options for your clients, but at the same time you do not want every photo you take to look exactly like all the others.

So bottom line – spice up your studio a bit with some fun backdrops, and have the old standbys on tap as well. White, Black, Gray all still need to be the go to back drops. That doesn’t mean however, that you can’t have an urban sidewalk or wood flooring looking backdrop hanging around to be utilized as well. Think outside the box a bit and you’ll get some really good photo backdrops in no time.

Here are a few links to some great deals on photography backdrops – some of these sales will not last long so make sure you take advantage while you can and get your photo backdrops today!

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Models who are just starting out tend to not have any clue what to do during a photo shoot. Now unless you’re a photographer that has an absolute idea of what the shoot is going to look like then you’re relying on the model to bring some life to the shoot too. If your model is new to the scene how are they supposed to bring that life to the shoot? One answer is with vintage clothing and accessories.

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Cyber Monday Nikon Deals

Love this time of year as you can find crazy discounts on all things photographic. Lots of places have great print and frame sales going on now and if you shop today on cyber monday you can find yourself some serious savings on digital camera equipment. Check out some of the deals running right now on camera gear:

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