What’s better than taking a few hours out of your busy wedding planning schedule to go on a date, and have your photographers follow you around? …. Nothing … really, it’s awesome.

In reality, that’s what our engagement sessions are like.  It’s the chance for us to document two people in love while we get to know you as a couple.  Engagement sessions are a really great opportunity to work with us as photographers for the first time – taking out the guess work and surprises on your wedding day.  These sessions are fun and stress free.  Throughout the 1 to 2 hour shoot, you will laugh a lot (sometimes directly at us), kiss a whole bunch, hold hands like you did on your first date, and remember why you fell in love in the first place; all the while getting a great set of photos out of the deal!



What can your engagement shots be used for?

Many of our clients incorporate their engagement photos into their  save-the-date cards, wedding websites, paper announcements, or table decor.  Engagement photos also make great gifts for family members and loved ones.  Above all, these photos look great as prints in the home!

All of our wedding packages include an engagement session, but we offer them as an á la Carte item as well! 

We love meeting new people, and creating portraits that can be displayed and cherished over time. Contact us for á la Carte pricing and to book your engagement session today.



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