Frequently Asked Questions

Why does your work stand out?

Our work stands out from others because we rock a creative mindset and aren’t afraid to try new things. We love clients who come to us with crazy and artistic ideas for their wedding and engagement images. We are creative specialists and will work with you to get the best possible photos.

What do you like most about being wedding photographers?

Each spring we tap into our inner most Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson characters while screaming “It’s wedding season!” We find it a privilege to document the love and commitment shared between you and your partner while capturing the reactions of your family and friends. Hopefully, these photos become heirlooms and are passed down to younger generations. The prints and memories will last long beyond us, which is truly the greatest honor.

How long until we receive our photos?

Depending on the complexity of the wedding it usually takes six to eight weeks to finish the post production editing of all your photographs. We know you want the images proofed back as soon as possible – but we also want to give you the absolute best detail available for all your photos. We usually can’t help ourselves and send a few teasers to our clients before we finalize the whole collection.

How many photos will I receive?

After all the photos are combed through, each wedding usually produces anywhere between 800 – 1,200 photos.  Each engagement session will yield between 70-140 photos.  We take great care in editing and give our clients the crème de la crème from their sessions.

What is your attire for the wedding?

We dress appropriate to the wedding style. For most weddings, the attire will be dress pants with an appropriate shirt / blouse. If you are having a beach wedding and we can go in shorts, we will do that. We dress to blend in with the guests and our goal is to be as unnoticed as possible. You are the center of attention on your wedding day, not the photographers.

For my engagement session, what should I wear ?

Be yourself, and wear whatever you are comfortable in. There is absolutely no need to match your partner (but if that is your thing, by all means go right ahead). Of course if you envision a shoot in which you want to wear a gorilla outfit and drive around town in a compact car – then we totally support you!

Do you shoot multiple events on the same day?

Never. We only shoot one wedding per day, and we are your photographers for that day.

What type gear to you use?

Both Scott and Kristin shoot with professional Nikon cameras and lenses to match.

What are your packages / prices?

Hexfire’s wedding packages begin at $2950, which always includes two photographers.  À la carte options are also available, as well as prints and album designs. Contact us and we will be able to send you our current wedding menu and discuss our packages with you. We love meeting with our clients and discussing what we can offer. Feel free to email us.

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