Maya D.


“Not only were their photographs absolutely professional and beautiful, but they also acted as our personal wedding managers that day which was a dream come true for me as the bride.”


As a bride and groom on a budget who planned our entire wedding ourselves with no help of a wedding planner, we made sure that we used our money wisely. One of our biggest priorities was having professional photography. We made the right decision choosing Hexfire Photography. Not only were their photographs absolutely professional and beautiful, but they also acted as our personal wedding managers that day which was a dream come true for me as the bride. I had no idea how difficult it was going to be the day of the wedding to manage so many people. Kristin and Scott made sure that both my husband and I and the entire wedding party stayed on schedule and didn’t get too far behind on the clock. They kept everyone moving in a lighthearted manner, which isn’t easy to do when you have a Bride and Groom party alone at 13 people who are completely caught up in the moment. Looking at the clock and keeping track of time was the last thing on anyone’s mind. Thank god Scott and Kristin were able to herd us all over the place, all the while making us laugh and taking amazing photos. We were actually a little early to our ceremony!

Photography-wise, my wedding was pretty high maintenance. We had 2 separate venues to shoot at with the whole bridal and groom party (13 people in all). One session was BEFORE the wedding as a pre-wedding shoot, including a First Look session. The second session was AFTER the ceremony, again with the entire bridal and groom party AND with family. They also did a few more with my new husband and I alone. WHEW!!! They made sure they met with us at both of our photography venues before the wedding to make sure they knew exactly what they were going to be working with, not only on a photography standpoint but also from a time-management and operational standpoint. They asked us for personal requests and also were graceful enough to ask us if there were any personal issues within the wedding party that they should know about as to avoid any wedding day hazards! That was really important for us because my husband and I did have some special requests we needed to make sure we managed. Thanks to Kristin and Scott it was all handled gracefully without a glitch. They really wanted to make sure that everything was perfect. Meeting with them like this before the wedding also made our relationship with them more personal, which was such a wonderful feeling to have, especially the day of our wedding, as they were both with us all day for the most important day of our lives thus far.

Scott and Kristin made our First Look session extremely special. They had it all planned out. It was tricky because my husband and I had our entire Bridal and Groom party at the First Look venue, as well as some family. They both managed the situation to make certain that no one was going to spoil our first look together, which my husband and I wanted to experience alone. They made us both feel incredibly comfortable and at ease with the nerve-wracking situation!

Scott and Kristin made our wedding day not only special by taking the most beautiful photographs I have ever seen before, but by making our day smoother, less stressful, and filled with laughter and easiness. They made sure everything was perfect for us. My husband and I had our photos six weeks after our wedding. They sent them to us through an online link and also gave me discs at my request so I could upload them on my computer and print them at my convenience.

However I honestly have to say that the best physical pictures I have are the pictures I had printed on the “pearl” photo paper option,offered through their website. Nothing else compares to the quality of the Pearl print. It is worth the investment! Hexfire Rules!!


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